The Magic Behind Bibbidi

From a Family Dream to Your Doorstep

Welcome to Bibbidi, a place where every box is a treasure trove of joy and every item tells a story. Our journey began in 2018, born from a family's love for all things magical and a desire to spread that joy to others.

The Beginnings
It all started in Brenda's basement, where the first Bibbidi box came to life. Fueled by passion and driven by a shared love for Disney and other fandoms, what started as a small family project quickly grew into something much more. By 2019, we outgrew the basement and moved into a retail space, ready to spread magic far and wide.

Our Mission
At Bibbidi, we’re not just sending boxes; we’re delivering happiness. We strive to make every unboxing an experience to remember, filled with items that spark joy and nostalgia.

What We Offer
Our range is as diverse as our customers' interests. From mystery boxes to customizable subscriptions, we celebrate Disney, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel, and more. And let's not forget our specially themed bundles, each curated with care and a touch of whimsy.

The Heart of Bibbidi
Our journey is a family affair. In 2022, Brenda’s sister, Trish, joined as a partner, adding her own sprinkle of magic to the mix. Samantha, the youngest sister to Amanda and Becky, plays a crucial role in our team. Despite her disabilities, she brings immense joy and dedication to assembling sticker and pin boxes, helping with shipping, and picking and packing orders. Her involvement is a testament to our belief in the joy of inclusivity and the strength of family bonds.

Our Team
We may be a small team, but our hearts are big. Nicki, our warehouse staff, and Sara, our partnership coordinator, and like a member of our family! Every order you place with Bibbidi is packed with personal care, ensuring that when you open a Bibbidi box, you’re not just uncovering products, but a piece of our family’s heart.

Our Commitment
As a small business with a big heart, we're dedicated to adding that personal touch to every order. We cherish our community and are grateful for every smile we can bring to your faces.

Join the Bibbidi Family
Become a part of our story and let us bring a piece of our world into yours. With Bibbidi, it's not just about the products; it's about being part of a family that celebrates joy, magic, and the wonder of fandoms.

With Love and Magic,
Amanda, Becky, Brenda, Trish, and the Bibbidi Team